Academic Resources

In this photo, a CIU student is using one of the computers in the computer lab.

As a CIU student, be sure to take advantage of a number of academic resources.

Academic Calendar and Catalogs

Academic Calendar | Academic Catalog & Archive

Computer Lab

Should you need access to a computer to complete your homework assignments, there is a computer lab on the second floor of Ridderhoff.

Tutoring and Coaching

Tutoring and academic coaching are available in our Academic Success Center. There you can also get study resources on a variety of topics.

Career Services

Career services can help guide your course of study and serve as a resource center for employment while on campus, as well as well-connected assistance in your career search after graduation.

Student Life

We encourage everyone to participate in the vibrant student life at CIU. A balance of academic and social activities is key to maintaining mental and physical health and avoiding burnout when studies get intense.


Becoming familiar with the helpful people in student accounting can eliminate stress related to paying for your education. They oversee financial aid disbursements and ensure that each student is current with tuition and any other payments and fees.


The Office of the Registrar is responsible for all academic records, transcripts, academic calendar and policies. Knowing your status with the registrar is a great way to stay on track to graduation day.

The Library

The G. Allen Fleece Library provides students with everything from access to news articles and academic journals to help with citations and writing research papers. Oh, and there are lots of good, old-fashioned books to read, too, from a dizzying array of theologians and other Christian writers.